What exactly do you mean by the term “secular”?

A secular viewpoint is one of tolerance and respect for all people regardless of their belief system or non-belief. It does not favor any belief system over any other. As such, it also discourages employing strictly religious or spiritual considerations from the discussion when it comes to building and living in society. When faith considerations are filtered out, what’s left is considered secular.

Secular parenting empowers children by encouraging logical connections between actions and results. It also focuses on the development of moral principles through life lessons and messages we share with children. It encourages universal human concepts like compassion for others and active problem solving as the means to living a fulfilling life and overcoming difficulties.

Do I have to be an atheist or agnostic to join or participate? 

No. Parents of any faith may join and participate. We simply ask that you respect the group’s goals and mission when taking part in group activities. Many professionals who work with children, like teachers and social workers, are able to set aside directed religious discussion in their work and this situation is not so different.

What does Secular Families on the Palouse do? 

Our present goal, is to provide a sense of community for parents who are raising their children with secular principles. This parenting group is intended to bring together secular families and create an atmosphere where similar kinds of socializing can take place without religious overtones.

Why do non-religious families need a group specifically for them?

Quite simply, all human beings need meaningful spaces where they can feel supported and connected to others with shared values. For a long time, religious organizations were not merely a place to learn about faith but a source of community for their members. Secular Families on the Palouse hopes to provide a secular alternative to those faith-centered communities.

If you have a question for us, please don’t hesitate to ask!